RSVP Solutions Group LLC

Additional Services

We offer these additional services:

    • Translation – French/English and English/French
    • Creation of business plans and strategies
    • Assistance with creation of product presentation materials – corporate presentations,  sell sheets, price lists   and other materials
    • Retail Surveys
    • Assistance with conversion from US to Canadian and Canadian to US labeling and nutritional Information
    • Assistance with connections to government import/export agencies and consulate contacts regarding programs available to assist in product launches, trade shows, meetings and other opportunities
    • Private label consultation
    • Consulting on packaging, product development, displays, graphics, trade show and marketing assistance

    • Available to speak on topics associated with working between the US and Canada   
    • Positioning Canadian products for the US market and US products for the Canadian market


RSVP Solutions Group LLC 
7777 East Black Rock Road - Scottsdale, AZ  85255
Andre Gelinas, CEO     Andrea Leiser, President  /
Andre Cell:  860 519 4838        Andrea Cell:  860 712 6996

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