RSVP Solutions Group LLC
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RSVP Solutions Group LLC

Our Mission is to provide the highest level of customer service for our suppliers and retail partners. 

Our Suppliers are very carefully selected, with the main criteria being the quality of their products, their efficiency, commitment and flexibility.

Our Suppliers understand that the marketplace is a constantly evolving environment based on changing consumer needs, trends and demographics. They  know that they need to be able to move quickly to respond to buyers' needs and challenges.

We represent Canadian and US manufacturers and work with retailers on either side of the US/Canadian border, bringing Canadian companies to the US market and US companies to the Canadian market. Our work includes all facets for going to market,  including merchandising, product development, marketing and sales.

 We service retailers across the US and our categories include Bakery, Snacks, Frozen, Confectionery and Specialty - both branded and private label.

RSVP Solutions Group LLC 
7777 East Black Rock Road / Scottsdale, AZ  85255
Andre Gelinas, CEO       Andrea Leiser, President  /
Andre Cell:  860 519 4838        Andrea Cell:  860 712 6996

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